New York Legalizes Weed
NYC and State Make Recreational Use Legal

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New York

Since recreational use of marijuana was made legal in New York recently, New York is now one of the many states that are ready to jump on the cannabis bandwagon.

The terms of the agreement that were inked Saturday March 27 2021 provided for the expansion of the current medical marijuana program, and established a framework for taxing and regulating recreational use. It is reported that the legislature will meet on Tuesday to discuss the bill. Legislative leaders are keen to finish voting on the budget this week in order to reach the budget's deadline.

Over the course of several years, the state leaders have now reached an agreement on how to legalize recreational marijuana. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo recently predicted that each year after legalization, the state could predict $350 million in new tax revenue.

As you know, my primary aim has always has been to end racially disparate marijuana regulation, which has done so much damage to our communities of color, and to support the same areas instead by creating a revenue stream to assist and improve their financial stability, I sponsored this legislation that would make the money available. said Sen Liz Krueger.

A new law will allow adults over 21 to have legal access to marijuana, and put in place a licensing process for delivering cannabis. New York City residents could cultivate up to three mature and three immature plants for personal use.

And if the bill passes, it will not go into effect until New York puts in place cannabis distribution regulations and a proposed cannabis commission. It might take two years to two decades for sales to begin if she was accurate, the Assembly Speaker of the Majority Crystal Peoples-Stokes projected.

Columbia Care's Adam Goers, who wants to get into the recreational cannabis industry, claimed that the state's proposed system would help all New York companies gain market share.

A lot of different people will be able to get a taste of it in the pie, as per Goers

People who have an arrest for possession of marijuana-related misdemeanor charges of three ounces or less in New York City will have their records wiped clean. The bill would expunge convictions for possession of marijuana offenses that are no longer permitted under current laws, as well as for possessing a small quantities of it.

Additional resources for entrepreneurs in the government of New York would also intend to provide loans, grants, and incubation initiatives to help minorities, as well as smaller growers, women, and disabled veterans get involved in the cannabis industry.

According to supporters, the move could benefit thousands of families and allow the justice system to at last to fix a centuries-long drug war which has singled out minority and low-income neighborhoods.

Managing director of Harlem's Community Defender Inc., Alice Fontier, has expressed concern that over the criminalization of young people with respect to police, prosecutors, child care, and ICE, all of which use it as a weapon.

Some other states that have legalized recreational use of the substance have had to face up to this point with problems that stemmed from legalization.

Black entrepreneurs came up in 2019 and complained that of having just two of the 184 licenses available in three years since Massachusetts enacted the recreational marijuana law in 2019.

People asked if they could use marijuana for recreational purposes in the same year that they made it legal, too, and allowed the opportunity for those with prior convictions to have convictions erased or reduced In the early days, only a small number of beneficiaries made use of the program, and far fewer now follow through with the suggestions for implementation it provided.

The legislation being proposed in New York City would address the issue by establishing a system for wiping out criminal convictions for marijuana possession.

We are very glad that the bill also involves compulsory sealing of criminal records. It is a vital part of fixing the past wrongs the organization has done,” stated Emma Goodman, an attorney at the Legal Aid Association.

Melissa Moore, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance of New York state, said that this bill "really puts a nail in the coffin of the drug war that’s been so devastating to communities across New York, and puts in place comprehensive policies that are really grounded in community reinvestment.”

Several other states also allow legal use of pot use for adults as well. Cuomo has stated that legalization has become more acceptable in the Northeast, with the recent passage of laws in Maine and New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

Same-sex marriage was made legal in New York by statewide vote but not by the Legislature as it was in the states of California and Massachusetts in 2011.

There have been previous attempts to legalize recreational usage that were thwarted by suburban residents' tax opposition, divided over how to handle the distribution of the money, and what to do with drivers who is believed to be under the influence.

It has stirred resistance from law enforcement, educators, who claim that more harm will be done to the already overtaxed healthcare system, and students, who fear legalization would send mixed signals to the general population about drugs.

This regulation would encourage the involvement of COVID and the continued issues among youth in the opioid crisis, both of which are already daunting, was signed by the Parent Teacher Association, the New York State Sheriffs Association, and many other groups, says an open letter signed by a New York State doctor, both of which are already supportive of keeping things going.

Education and prevention campaigns will be conducted to encourage New York City kids to stay away from cannabis and its harmful effects, while businesses would be offered grants to provide drug prevention and awareness in the schools.

Additionally, the legislation sets aside the proceeds needed to do everything from controlling the marijuana industry, to controlling drug abuse.

State troopers may also be compensated with federal dollars to recruit and train “drug recognition specialists.”

R. Lorraine Collins, a professor of health and behavior at the University of Buffalo says there's no proof that recognizes substance use. He was named to the 2018 Working Group on Marijuana Legislation, which is headed by Andrew Cuomo, to come up with cannabis regulations.

Darnell referred to an ACLU study that found that stated that Blacks are arrested nearly four times as often as often as Whites even while using the same level of marijuana, if you take into account the FBI's figures, by 2020.

Lorraine Collins says, ““Every New Yorker should be concerned about how these laws will be implemented or how those ways of examining drivers will be implemented in different communities,”

The legislation requires local governments to opt for adult-use or medical marijuana dispensaries or club retail permits by December 31, 2021 or nine months after its enactment. They will not be able to back out of legalization.

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New York Legalizes Weed
JD 28 December, 2021
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