Cannabis Comes to Hong Kong
The City's First Cannabis CBD Cafe Opens

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Despite the fact that marijuana is illegal in Hong Kong, a new cafe serves a selection of meals and beverages that are extracted from the plant.

Find Coffee in Utah is the first in the United States to provide a large variety of coffee, cookies, beer, and fruit juices that are thought to offer medicinal benefits without causing intoxication.

Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC,  is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis that gives patients their euphoria. But in contrast to THC, which induces the side effects of stress, CBD is usually used to help the body relax without causing any intoxication.

'One Killian Hussey, a finance professional in Hong Kong, says, "Drinking CBD [sic] is calming".

“The coffee is delicious, and I like the effect that the CBD has on me,” Hussey said. “Cognitively and physically, it kind of helps me get through the aches and pains of a normal day.”

It costs 80 Hong Kong dollars ($10) for a bottle of cold brew, but you just have to pay HK$70 ($9) for a can of CBD beer. The cafe, which started limited operations in July, is currently scheduled to be fully operational by the end of the July 2020

Mull said he is optimistic about the coffee shop's ability to challenge stifle the stigmas around CBD goods, and he wants to prevent the perception that it is only for recreational use.

Cannabinoids can be sold in foods, as long as the finished products do not contain any THC

Under the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance of Hong Kong, the use of or other products that contain controlled substances illegally imported cannabis is an offense.

In comparison to other cannabinoids, which are illegal, CBD is a non-controlled substance, and is not listed as a controlled drug in Hong Kong.

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Cannabis Comes to Hong Kong
JD 28 December, 2021
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