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Design Your Own!

Tons of Options

With my Graphic Apparel app you'll get tons of unique choices on each of my graphics. Some graphics have color variations, others have different styles and compositions, there are collections of phrases and NFT artwork variations to create your own graphic apparel with! All original designs from JD! Currently there are over a million possible combinations, so you are likely to create something only you will have!

Organic Options

At Pot and Pornstars Apparel, I am proud to offer premium quality products with a focus on sustainability. That's why my app includes certified organic options, allowing you to make an eco-friendly choice while expressing your unique style.

Checkout the Organic Clothing certifications to learn more about sustainable clothing.

Direct-To-Garment Printing

What's more, my direct-to-garment printing technology ensures that all our designs come to life in large, vibrant prints. With crisp lines and bold colors, your custom apparel will make a statement to everyone you meet.

Easy Customization

Creating your t-shirt or hoodie is as easy as pie! Just visit my app at select the graphic, a color or style variation and then select your desired apparel type.

With 20 different apparel options to choose from, you can create a masterpiece that truly reflects your individual style and sparks conversation. Whether it's a cozy hoodie for cool nights or a statement t-shirt for casual outings, the Pot and Pornstars Apparel app offers tons of possibilities.

To Create Your Own Graphic Apparel with my art simply:

  1. Select a Graphic then click next
  2. Select a color or style variation then click next
  3. Select the top you want to print your design on. 
  4. Select the fabric color and size 
  5. When you click build and buy the item will be created and added to your cart.
  6. Click Process Checkout to choose your payment method.
  7. Your order will be confirmed by email, if there are changes to your design i will notify you before processing. 
  8. Get your apparel in 10-15 business days in the USA. Allow 3-4 weeks to Europe and South America. Not currently shipping to Western Europe, Russia, Asia or Africa. 

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JD 20 May, 2023
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