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The area producing the best marijuana has long been discussed since the beginning of the appearance and increasing popularity of cannabis in the US. While the culture is never going to reach an agreement, it is an fun topic to explore and consider all the opportunities around the US.

This isn't that easy to answer in fact, particularly given that marijuana front runners in the U.S. have dramatically changed in the last 10 years. Not only have more and more states allowed commercial and recreationally users to start to grow their own weed but around the world people are improving their cultivation skills. This change in exceptional growing practices is a consequence of the widespread legalization of recreational cannabis, particularly in places perceived as "best cannabis candidates".

There's a lot of rivalry nowadays. It used to be the best green hands down was in California. After a little while Washington and Oregon were fully legal on the west shores and they started to take up some buzz from the Golden State. Then came Colorado, an unlikely inland contenders who has shaken up the game with a large indoor growing community.

Even if it is difficult to understand who is above the rest in terms of marijuana production, we will try to make sense of all the candidates in this article and pick a winner eventually.

Colorado is probably America's best-known recreational and medicinal cannabis venue.

Colorado was one of the first countries to legalize recreational cannabis in 2014 and became a frontrunner in the legal marijuana scene. Several other states were motivated to follow suit, after they have seen the popularity of Colorado after it began to be legalized. In addition to a few of the more conservative counties, the mountainous states generally consider marijuana beneficial not only to the population, but also to the local economy.

Colorado has long been appreciated as having a positive attitude towards pot plant. Colorado is also home to a lot of popular seed banks and breeders. Companies such as The Farm (based out of Boulder), Colorado Seed Inc. (also based out of Boulder), The Bank Cannabis Genetics (based out of Denver), and 303 Seeds have become popular around the country as well as the regional area.

That's one reason why the Colorado people are particularly happy with their homegrown product. Furthermore, edibles and concentrates are all equally easily available, along with CBD oil. There are a vast number of legal marijuana shops and health care centers to choose from in Denver and Boulder. Moreover, the third cheapest cannabis in the US is said to be Colorado, which is a big bonus.

One of the downsides of the cannabis boom in Colorado is that Colorado normally does not have the right outside temperatures to allow the growing of a variety different types of cannabis plants. That is why this state has managed to improve its indoor growing techniques in terms of its ideal climate and environment.

The state of Washington has discount price rashes in the green.

Washington State is the second cheapest producer of marijuana in the world, and if you want to find some cheap ganja, this is a good place to visit. Washington is second below Colorado in terms of international fame, given the world's curiosity for this wonderful state that legalized cannabis in 2012 – the first region in the USA. The neighboring countries quickly succeeded, as Washington became a champion of the entire West Coast, which is now all legalized. There are several pioneers in the cannabis world in Washington state such as BMF Washington, Harmony Farms, and many more.  The overall quality of weeds is said to have been very phenomenal in Washington, but almost all of them are grown indoors, which make those strains predominant when grown locally.

Like Colorado, Washington does not have the right open temperature to sustain a multitude of strains in the open air unless you pass through Eastern Washington, which does not have very positive attitudes to cannabis... Seattle is mostly cold and humid when a lot of thanksgiving is grown, so the indoor cultivation is preferred to the outside.

The best prices for the US dopest green can be found in Oregon.

Oregon is most well know for their production of affordable cannabis. Oregon is by far the most inexpensive state and you might even buy an out-of-the-world ounce for $200 or less. You alone may have persuaded that OR ganja is the best, but out of this forest-covered state there also is a good quality product.

Weed is grown both indoors and outdoors in Southern Oregon, which is considered a very great place to develop, as the outside climate in this area is wonderful during the growing season. In Northern Oregon it's a little too cold to achieve the same results, but Portland and the surrounding areas have established their indoor farming techniques and stock dispensaries with a top quality herb all over the USA.

Portland's approach to cannabis is highly optimistic and legalized, although in Southern Oregon and elsewhere in northern Oregon that is somewhat less popular. What is particularly cool about Oregon is the dynamic combination of the latest innovations and progress that occurs in the State towards marijuana legislation and cultivation. There is a lot of pot-related products from Oregon, particularly when it comes to concentrates, extracts and dabbing.

California finally wraps the top four in the US pot.

California is a large State with a huge community of cannabis users and producers considered by many to have some of the best weeds of all time. With prices the fourth lowest in the United States, parts of California have a great outdoor cultivation environment, which makes their ganja so unbelievable. Although you might not find an ounce for $200 like in Oregon, even the cheapest larvae are almost always top-shelter products in many places if you buy from a reputable pharmacy or recreational cannabis store.

Overall, the Golden State is one thing which is incredible: the general atmosphere of cannabis is positive, and a lot of people like it and have enjoyed it for decades.

South California is ideal for the whole year, with the sun almost all year round and temperatures that usually do not exceed less than 40 degrees Celsius.

There is certainly a much more challenging climate for the Bay region than in Southern California, but green is cultivable even outside part of the year, although indoor growing techniques are generally preferred, especially in this highly populated area consisting of numerous big cities and a large population of inhabitants. The high-quality Mary Jane and the culture of cannabis are particularly famous for their Oakland, San Francisco and Chico.

Which States Have the Best Weed
JD 28 December, 2021
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