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If you have never seen it or haven't seen it in a while, Brooklyn 99 is one of my favorite shows to toke to! This show keeps the jokes coming while attempting to address some current social issues. It melds the sensible comedy of primetime tv while maintaining enough of an edge to make it an entertaining show to binge.

In Brooklyn Nine Nine, detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) wants to spend more time with his beautiful new partner Detective Santiago (Melissa Fumero) than solving crimes, dreaming of being a short order cook instead of a cop.

He also loves pranks, however all of them so far have been harmless, and is usually the victim and is probably the least respected detective at the precinct.Jake's most recent partner is Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz), an ex-Marine who's seen her fair share of violence.

Rosa really respects that Jake refused to break the rules for a short-term gain. Jake and Rosa share a hearty respect for humor, though they're usually laughing at different jokes. Rosa Diaz is trying to enjoy her first few days as Jake's partner, but Peralta has been assigned a new case.

Detective Santiago has been tracking someone who's been weaponizing bees, and in order to draw out her suspect she needs Jake to be at home, in his PJs, but Jake seems to be avoiding her. Jake tries to make up for it by volunteering to wear pajamas at the next crime scene. The boss doesn't want him to. But he's not deterred, and even if it means getting himself into trouble he will prove to Santiago that he's an invaluable member of the Nine Nine.

If you are looking for a cop show that is different from all other cop shows, then Brooklyn Nine Nine is the show for you. This show features Jake Peralta who is an immature but intelligent detective trying to get out of being disciplined for insubordination,[seemingly every episode]. His former detective partner was transferred to Florida by his commander until he can straighten out his desk. The show also features Captain Ray Holt, a man born in New York but raised in Chicago. He is new to the precinct and the oldest openly gay person in the NYPD, but that doesn't stop him from making a positive impression on the team. It also features other members such as Detective Rosa Diaz. She is one of the few woman detectives at the precinct and she trains at boxing, jujitsu, and grappling. She becomes Peralta's new partner after he is transferred back to the precinct. With these unique detectives, it's no wonder this show is so different from all other cop shows. Spoiler alert: another member who is just like the rest on the show, but different from all the others - Jake's dad!

Checkout some funny ass moments I found on youtube below. or catch it on NBC, or Hulu.


Brooklyn 99
JD 27 December, 2021
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