Bill & Ted's Adventures
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Bill and Ted may not be stoners as Keanu Reeves pointed out to but they  do make some entertaining TV when you are baked! Evidently HBO has streaming services has secured the rights to the original Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure so you can find it on HBO and their companion apps at the link below. 

Watch Excellent Adventure on HBO

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Because of the music and theory of the Two Great Ones, Bill S. Preston, Esq., and Ted "Theodore" Logan, mankind lives as a utopian society in 2688. One of the people, Rufus, has been entrusted to the management with a time machine, which was built like a telephone booth in 1988 and is intended to ensure a good historical class for Bill and Ted, the young, then insidious secondary school students. If they fail, Ted's father, police captain Logan, intends to send Ted to an Alaskan military academy, effectively ending Bill & Ted's burgeoning band, the "Wyld Stallyns" and changing history.

Rufus found the two teenagers struggling to complete their history article, which tasks them to represent three historical figures in a Circle K convenience store in the current San Dimas. In the first place, Rufus has trouble persuading both of his support when a copy of the telephone booth arrives and potential versions of Bill and Ted are coming out. Before vanishing in the time machine, the future Bill and Ted have a short conversation with Rufus about their situation.

Rufus shows the remaining two the time machine, which transports them to 1805, where Napoleon Bonaparte is leading his armies toward Austria. When Rufus, Bill and Ted leave for the moment, Napoleon will be thrown into her wake by a cannonball blast and pulled through the Time Circuits. Rufus pauses for a moment to clarify that time will continue to pass naturally for Bill and Ted, and that they must attend their class presentation the next day, before departing, leaving the two with an empty time machine. As Bill and Ted talk about where to go next, Napoleon is trapped in a nearby tree. This gives them the idea of the enlistment and presentation of historical figures to their study. Before traveling they leave Napoleon with Deacon Ted's younger brother.

Before stopping in 15th century England, where they fall in love with Princesses Elizabeth and Joanna, the two become friends with Billy the Kid and Socrates. This gets them into trouble with their father, the king, but Billy and Socrates come to their rescue, and the four escape, though the booth is destroyed in the process. They end up in the far future, where they discover a world founded on their influence and are motivated to complete their study with "extra credit" by kidnapping additional historical figures, including Sigmund Freud, Ludwig van Beethoven, Joan of Arc, Genghis Khan, and Abraham Lincoln. Bill and Ted program the computer to return to the present after a brief pause in prehistoric times to fix the booth, but they end up outside the Circle K the night before, where Rufus was introducing himself to them. Bill and Ted persuade their younger self of Rufus' reliability, and Rufus then reminds them of how to get to the next day.

They find the Deacon has abandoned Napoleon when they arrive. They leave the other historical figures at the mall to learn about San Dimas, and head to a nearby water park to find Napoleon. Captain Logan arrests the historical figures when they get themselves into trouble.

Bill and Ted devise an escape strategy that involves using the time machine to set up what they require in the present. After remembering the historical figures, the two give a rousing success presentation to the school, enabling them to pass the course.

Rufus returns to Bill and Ted later, presenting them with the two princesses that Rufus saved from pre-arranged marriages, mentioning that the two women will both be members of Wyld Stallyns. Rufus discusses how Bill and Ted's music can change the world, and how they must stay together and pass their history report to avoid destroying the timeline. Rufus requests to jam with the band, but after hearing their cacophony, he tells the crowd, "they do get better."

Bill & Ted's Adventures
JD 14 December, 2021
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