10 things you may not know about this modern classic

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Avatar is a classic only 11 years after its release but there may be some thing you never realized about this blockbuster movie. Whether you are stoner or sober, Avatar is worth the watch as it melds family friendly fun with cutting edge(at the time) motion capture graphics and animation techniques. Find it on Amazon and other streaming.

1. Sound artists used real-life animal sounds for Pandora's beasts.

2. Every Na'vi costume was built in real life.

3. James Horner invented many of the instruments used in the movie's score.

4. Cars factored into Cameron's creature design.

5. Cameron used two different 3D camera rigs to shoot Avatar.

6. Visual-effects artists used a facial mold with holes in it to place the green dots on the actors' faces.

7. In the climactic banshee flight sequence, the choir is singing in Na'vi.

8. Na'vi was influenced by Amharic, Persian and Chinese, among other languages.

9. James Cameron enlisted a botanist to consult on the production.

10. Editing of Avatar happened as the movie was being filmed.





JD 28 December, 2021
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