About JD

They say combine what you like you and you never work a day in your life, so here we are! I am an artist, designer, developer, engineer, photo/video pro, and marketing specialist with over 20 years of experience designing digital products and services. From working with Samsung to silicon valley startups, I have been lucky to work with some amazing people around the world.

Pop Art Apparel is my playground for many of the projects I am working on for myself and other clients through my main IT and marketing company, Discourse Digital.  These projects represent the culmination of 100s of hours of research, development and testing and the products I release are in homes and businesses around the world. Everything you see in my apps I designed and developed myself!

About Pop Art Apparel

From start to finish I have a methodical process that produces a ton of noteworthy products in between. From mini mobile applications to pieces of contemporary pop art, I cover a lot of ground but rarely have had the chance to share my work. I believe this popular culture artwork has a place and an importance in the history of our culture and I am proud to share my collections with the world today!

At Pop Art Apparel you will find a large selection of all my original artwork applied to various medium. From home goods to NFT releases, this is the place I drop all the interesting stuff I make sometimes with little or no refinement. My idea is to give end users and collectors a way to participate in the creative process by seeing the various stages it takes to come to a final deliverable product.

I enjoy traveling and meeting people from around the world especially for collaborations, so if you have an idea you would like to work with me on or just want to brainstorm, just drop me a line or DM me on Twitter!

Thanks for Visiting!

As such are my personal interests that the content and topics may not be acceptable or suitable for everyone. I am always open to honest, civil, rational conversations however, if you wish to be offensive or abusive then I suggest you hit the exit button now. Abusive, offensive, rude and generally negative behavior and/or language will get you banned from my network as well as reported for any blatant abuse to the proper authorities. Besides, why make an enemy when you can make a friend :)

I hope you enjoy the Pop Art Apparel digital experience.  Shoot me a line on social media or on my contact page.